FBAR Sensor Technology

Worcester Scientific offers innovative sensor technology, providing specialised sensor systems for your application.

FBAR coated in polymer

delta F

FBAR Exploded Tech Drawing

FBAR Expanded Cross Section

FBAR Tech Drawing

FBAR Cross Section

Worcester Scientific is committed to producing innovative FBAR sensor technology. Competitive advantages include ultra-sensitivity, high selectivity, low cost, low power consumption and simplified systems integration.

The delta F product range is a development of FBAR technology, currently a laboratory instrument aimed at mass loading and visco-elastic monitoring within the analytical science market.

Worcester Scientific is actively developing embedded sensor systems and portable monitors to fit into the delta F product range for environmental, biological, chemical and visco-elastic sensing applications.

By utilising the latest material coating techniques Worcester Scientific can manufacture sensors to meet your requirements. These requirements can range from advanced light monitoring, identifying disease markers in the blood, detecting hydrogen gas leaks or monitoring the condition of oil.

Manufacturing our sensor technology in Great Britain means Worcester Scientific is in the perfect position to meet your specific industry requirements.